About us

Dry Run Ind. Baptist Church

Beacon of Truth is a ministry of Dry Run Independent Baptist Church in Duncansville, Pennsylvania. Pastor John Leatherman and the folks of the church look forward to each Scripture project to send the Word of God around the world.

Dr. Dan Hummel founded Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministries in 1992 after returning from several trips to Romania. He was in the country right after Nicolai Ceausescu was killed. He traveled extensively throughout Romania preaching the Word of God to large and small crowds of people. Hundreds were saved and encouraged to live for Christ. He also challenged the people to win their families and friends to Christ. However, Bibles were scarce and gospel literaturwas rarely available. On one of his returning trips from Romania to America he prayed and asked the Lord for a printing press to help the people of Romania. God soon answered that prayer and led him to the ministry's first printing press in Connellsville, Pennsylvania. The money to purchase the press was raised in just three days. The first home for the ministry was in a small Sunday school room in Dunbar, Pennsylvania. Over the years the ministry has grown to include several printing presses, bindery equipment and other machines to enable the ministry to operate a full-fledged printing ministry utilizing over 8,000 square feet of floor space.

Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministries specializes in equipping churches, missionaries, and national workers with the scriptural tools they need to aid them in winning the lost to Christ. Believing that Christ is the answer to man's sinful dilemma, and that He is the solution to every problem, Beacon of Truth Ministries is dedicated to publishing Scripturally sound and high quality materials for the sake of winning the lost to Christ.

Since 1992, Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministries has:

Sent Gospel literature to over 22 different countries of the world in their respective languages

Printed millions of Gospel tracts, New Testaments, Bibles and Scripture booklets for the mission field

Conducted hundreds of Scripture Assembly Projects in churches up and down the east coast

Expanded from a small Sunday school class room to over 8,000 square feet of space

Our prayer and plan is to expand our ministry to reach other countries and more souls for the Savior. It is our prayer to do all we can to fulfill the task of reaching the world for Christ.